Duffy Cruise

Saturday, August 11
Hosted by Joel & Sherrill Lander, Kevin & Candy Cloud and Vaughn & Pat Jenkes

Event Hosts

Your event hosts for the Duffy Cruise are:
Sherrill & Joel Lander, Candy & Kevin Cloud
Pat & Vaughn Jenkes

SGYC members and guests enjoyed a day on the water looking for a series of landmarks and answering questions about them. The winning boat was captained by Robin Clark and crew. Congratulations to you all. The afternoon of cruising was followed by a clubhouse event where many prizes were won and and a delicious meal was served. A good time was had by all.
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On the water photo

On the Water

Clubhouse photo

At the Clubhouse

Mixology photo

Mixology Demo

Ship Store photo

Shipstore and Photographers



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